Friday, April 20, 2007

vent time

I really hope its going to be a nice day tomorrow. I'm using one of my sick days to play hooky. But I don't think you can really call it hooky considering I've put in so much extra time over the last couple of months. I call it burn-out comp time. It's a preventative measure. Guarantees one more day I wont lose my mind and quit because people are crazy. If the general public had any idea how nutso most people are when they got a haircut, they would tip a hell of a lot better.
Theres a bit of a buzz floating around the main office, some hot gossip has everyone curious. Spike noticed that a gossiping group went silent when he came in the room, so, of course he thought it was about him. But, as he stopped in briefly today, he did the worst thing you can do to us curious busybodies... he told us he knew what it was and then split without saying a word! ugh. the agony. Now its my turn to be on the paranoid train. I hate that!!